Themed Tours

Ghost and History Tours

A heady mix of dramatic story-telling, gruesome history. By day Venice is a bustling metropolis – but at night the old buildings and narrow streets take on a more sinister air… Learn about the historical dark side of Venice, with tales about murders and mysteries, ghosts and legends. Venice’s magnificent architecture, maze of streets and alleyways are the perfect backdrop of the tour. The Ghost and History tour of Venice offers an evening walking tour of Venice’s haunted locations.

Venice Cemetery

San Michele is the Island where we find Venice’s cemetery, surrounded by brick walls and rows of tall cypresses trees. The cemetery dates from the 19th century when the city authorities decided to designate some of the islands of the Lagoon as burial places for hygiene and space. on the Island is the church of San Michele: with its bright structure made of Istrian stone, this building was the prototype of Codussi’s church design, which later spread throughout Venice and her dominions.

It is worth walking round the cemetery which takes up most of the island. Sculpted tombstones and chapels are brightened with flowers and there are also tombs of several famous foreigners, like Ezra Pound, Sergei Diaghilev, Igor Stravinsky…

Casanove and the Courtesans

Learn more about the life of one of the most famous Venetians of all time, passing through his places, the house where he was born, the church where he was baptized and the casinos where he used to meet the lady of the town… He’s the father of the red light stories.

Arts and Crafts

For those who want to experience Venice and its deeply rooted handicrafts and artistic traditions: for example learn how a Gondola is made, discover the millenary creation of mosaics, see the secret of producing glass, the Carnival masks made of leather or original papier-maché, see textiles made on wooden manually operated looms…

Shopping Tour

Shop in the most important Venetian boutiques, and famous Italian fashion stores, or Venetian artisan shops: I will guide you around the shops which interest you most (wine and typical gastronomy, fashion, lace, leather, velvets, damasks and brocades, glass, beads, masks, antiques…).

“Cicheti” and Wine Tasting

Venice has a wonderful tradition of “andar per bacari” (pub crawl) eating cicheti (the local appetizers) and washing them down with glasses of wine. Let’s try the red, the white, the prosecco and the Spritz!

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